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a tribe of
great performers,
here for the new.

At Matdun, it is the constant urge to explore something new that brings us together. Irrespective of all the years that we might have travelled so far or all the certificates that we carry in our kitty, what truly matters here is that one single qualification that differentiates each one of us from the rest of the so called normal world – the undying desire to continuously keep exploring and wanting to learn more and more! We encourage duality in our tribe. In fact, a unilateral, linear approach to life is something that is always contested at Matdun.

Our leaders too are the best at what they do just like everyone else, but then there’s also so much more! Take a moment to know them.

the management



Founder, Chief Executive Officer

The man who has visualized this incredible story, Suresh is a technology enthusiast, a passionate